Video Short | 2020
HD & Cell phone video | Stereo Sound | 9 minutes
Coproduced with Paul Abowd for the Intercept
When employees at Amazon and FedEx were deemed essential in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, they formed a national organizing effort to press for workplace safety, hazard pay, and a voice on the job. Weeks later, when protests against police brutality spread across the country after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, essential workers took to the streets, calling out their bosses for trying to turn Black Lives Matter into a corporate PR slogan.

A video work in support of labor organizing in collaboration with Adrienne Williams, “Jose,” Rusty McGee and Vanessa Bain and Workers Collective.   

The video emerged from organizing around the coordinated May 1 2020 walkout organized by Amazon, Fedex, Instacart and Shipt workers.