Performance comissioned by Mophradat and Kaai Theatre Brussels for 2022 Read the Room Theatre Festival. Text in collaboration with Natasha Soobramanien and performed by Krystel Khoury.

Forthcoming Film (2024) produced with support from the Film Studies Center at Harvard.

Mothers can do anything! (an artist tries to find the time to write a theoretical text) 

Exploring the intersections between gendered reproductive labor that keeps the cultural space in motion, and the reproductive labor of motherhood, A Labor Theory of Artistic Value, on Mothering and Art combines video projection, a delivered text, and a performative act of cultural maintenance.

An art work across Performance, Film and Text. 

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2021 - present

 Photo by Korneel De Feyter.

Photos by Korneel De Feyter and Mary Jirmanus Saba.